Re: Fldigi on Raspberrian

Marty Hartwell

HI Slim

Well I think the apt-get install will get you a several version old
fldigi, and if I want
the latest that has been developed as it is produced then I will need
to compile install.
There is a method in one of the wiki's that will setup a repository with
the latest version
and I may try that too although it is a day or so old which I don't
think in my case is too bad.

I should have my new 10.1 inch monitor on Wednesday so I can move to the
shack where I
have a network cable to connect it up to for downloads. So far I am
impressed. I do have one
of those USB dongle sound cards to use too.

Marty kd8bj

On 12/28/2015 02:50 AM,
[Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] wrote:

Why not just do 'sudo apt-get install fldigi' ?
Thats how I installed it on my Pi2B and is the standard method to add
Or did you specifically want to compile and install it yourself for
some other reason?
Slim G4IPZ
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