Re: Raspberry Pi Hard Drive partitions.

Marty Hartwell


I use the old standard we used in Unix by having a partition for Home on the drive, so if I have two
smaller partitions for the roots of two different version of Linux I use a different login ID. On one is
marty and the other is meh, so when I use the two different versions they both have their own home
folder to use, just as it would if there were two users on the systems. Works good for me, however I
don't know if it is needed for a small system like the Raspberry Pi.
I know on puppy in standard use even loaded on a hard disk, only one is used, and I haven't looked at
how the swap is used, but since it runs on as little as 125mb maybe it isn't needed.

Marty kd8bj

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It used to be with any of the Linux/UNIX os's that seperate partitions were the best way to go. In the last 6 or 7 years, even in larges server clusters, having a /boot, / and swap as the only 3 partitions has become the "standard".

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Hello all,

I am setting up a HD for my Raspberry Pi so that I can use MisterHouse on it without having to worry about all the logging etc.

Currently I have it partitioned as:

/dev/sda1 4GB as swap

/dev/sda2 900+GB for linux.

Now I know that the 900+GB is way too much for Linux's needs. Also aware that 4GB for swap on a 1GB machine is overkill but space at this time isn't a problem.

I was wondering if the following might be in order:

/dev/sda1 2GB as swap

/dev/sda2 32GB for linux

/dev/sda3 900+GB for ext4 for mounting eternal Then using the /dev/sda3 being used for Downloads etc., and using for backups with a once in a while to make backups of this partition to another system might be a better choice?

Any Thoughts would be appreciated,

Ben ARS w4qed <> Pi-2 Same PI-2

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