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Hi John,
I assumed the likes of Farnell and CPC were still trade-only, so I was thinking I might have trouble getting anyone to sell to me.
No I don't fancy learning another machine language at my age so it'll be strictly "C", and I'll use as many of the existing hooks as possible. No point in reinventing the wheel if the wheel works ;-)
Something else to swallow up my time, lol!
73, Paula

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Hi Paula,


About a month ago I ordered one from Farnell, and despite being quoted 6 weeks it arrived in two days. This may have been a fluke, but the waiting list seems to be disappearing..


If your ax.25 code (like mine) is largely in assembler, then porting to the pi won’t be easy, but C shouldn’t present too many problems. But linux already has ax.25 and Netrom stacks, so you can take the higher level stuff, and hook it into the existing stacks.


73, John G8BPQ


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Hi all, I'm Paula G8PZT and I don't yet own a Pi but would very much like to

My interest is in writing software for data-over-radio networking, VOIP, and
SDR. Also have emcomms in the back of my mind.

I am hoping to port my applications to the Pi, so I can junk the power
hungry and space wasting PC's that power my packet systems and VOIP
repeater. I'd also like to develop new applications to take advantage of
this exciting little device.

I have very little experience of Linux, being mainly a spare-time DOS and
Windows programmer (asm/c/c++), but I'm hoping this device will finally give
me the push I needed to get my apps ported to Linux.

Now I just need to buy one, or more... ;-) [I was told there was a big
waiting list, so I waited for the rush to die down]

73, Paula

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