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Hello Marty,

I would recommend these two books:

   Raspberry Pi User Guide : 2nd Edition - - This book includes interesting history on the development of the Raspberry Pi, etc.  This is the new revision that covers the new v2 Raspberry Pi

   Getting Started with Raspberry Pi : Second Edition - - This book has less history but more technical content of understanding the hardware and some recommended projects to start using the Rpi with

There are a *LOT* of books out there about the Rpi so these are just examples.  I'd recommend to browse around and find some books that you PERSONALLY like.  Please also understand that these aren't core Linux books.  Linux is a topic in itself and there are also a lot of good books there too (some are free).


On 12/01/2015 09:16 AM, Marty Hartwell mhartwe@... [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] wrote:


I recently sent an email to the linux ham yahoo group asking if the OS
on a Raspberry PI
is a version of Linux, and now realize I should have sent it here
instead or too.
So is Raspian, if that is the correct name for the OS, a version of
Linux. A related question is
can a version of Linux be used on the Raspberry PI.

Is there a PDF file explaining the Raspberry PI or some of the things it
can be used for? I think
I want one to play with but being a ham I think it would be nice to use
it as a small foot print
dedicated to digital use so, I would want to be able to set it up to
build and operate Fldigi
and that suite of tools on it. I have seen reference to someone using
one for DSTAR but I
am not into that now.

Marty kd8bj

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