Marty Hartwell


I recently sent an email to the linux ham yahoo group asking if the OS
on a Raspberry PI
is a version of Linux, and now realize I should have sent it here
instead or too.
So is Raspian, if that is the correct name for the OS, a version of
Linux. A related question is
can a version of Linux be used on the Raspberry PI.

Is there a PDF file explaining the Raspberry PI or some of the things it
can be used for? I think
I want one to play with but being a ham I think it would be nice to use
it as a small foot print
dedicated to digital use so, I would want to be able to set it up to
build and operate Fldigi
and that suite of tools on it. I have seen reference to someone using
one for DSTAR but I
am not into that now.

Marty kd8bj

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