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Jerry Wade

I hardly know anything about the Linux OS.   I am used to using WinDV by DutchStar which has a very nice control panel where you can see you are connected and can easily change reflectors.   Can this be the same on a Raspberry Pi 2 or do you lose the control panel completely?   If so, does anyone have the step-by-step instructions on how to do this?


On Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 10:11 AM, Mathison Ott mathisono@... [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] <Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO@...> wrote:

Sad sad sad help a ham.

What's your WiFi log in experience like with a laptop? Do you need to log in then?

I don't set my RPI's WiFi up over command line, its normally with the GUI, now that it works! ( I had problems in some of the first release)

If you can provided info on how you normally use your WiFi it will help a lot.

Don't mind the trolls...

73 mathison kj6dzb

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I think we are spending more time to explain why we shouldn't help him
than if someone had actually answered the question. Marty, if I knew the
answer, I would have helped.


Hank Lambert

> Dear list,
> Sorry, and I hope this doesn’t ruffle too many feathers, but I disagree
> with Marty and give a +1 to Charlie. This OP’s query was around basic
> Linux and RPi use, ie how to sign in and access different types of WiFi
> networks. This is a generic RPi question and it has nothing to do with
> Amateur Radio per-se.
> The poster appears to have put his query to a ham forum because that’s
> the area in which he will use the appliance once it is operating.
> Unfortunately that approach ‘waters down’ the list and increases the
> noise ratio for others subscribers (let alone all the follow-on postings
> like this one).
> It also means that others searching Raspberry Pi the various support
> forums for answers don’t find this thread, so they miss out too.
> Pete


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