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I received my $15 Orange Pi PC last week.  I first tried the Raspbian downloaded from the the link on the Orange website.  It seemed to be working good, but I didn't spend much time playing with it.  I then tried Debian, but could only get the 720-60Hz script to work with the HDMI port.  I then loaded DXSpider, and it has been running for about a week with no problems.
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I was doing some surfing this afternoon. I found out there is a "Raspberry PI 2" clone Not identical but sells for $15...Plus $3.51 shipping from China..It features a few items
*A7 quad core 1.6Ghz chip.
*mini USB OTG port (supports USBdisk drives)
*on board microphone... should be easy to convert to line in.
*power switch
*coax barrel power connector
* IR receiver

They have a variant (more $$$) with 1000baseT and 802.11 b/g/n wireless

The big question especially for us who have TNC-PI's is will it work with one? I'm also thinking FLDIGI on the cheap..

Anyhow the important documentation I found took me an hour to find. Here are the links.

Orange Pi Home:


Where to buy:

Orange Pi wiki




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