Re: Configuring ax25 properly

Dennis Nelson

Try going to the Linux Document Project, a lot of the man pages(now info pages) will help with configuration and other items involving net stuff. search for ax.25 howto.

On Wednesday, July 15, 2015 8:44 PM, "James French w8iss1@... [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO]" wrote:

Seeing a lot of emails about ax25 and it being used.
Does anyone have a write up or notes that I can utilize to configure it properly? The write ups I have seen years ago seemed to be decades out of date even then.
My next questions would be the reason why I would go through the trouble of configuring it?
What are the benefits of a ax25 configuration over a JNOS setup?
The local VHF digital group (that remains in the area) are still pushing JNOS. Are they compatible?
I am also assuming I need a tnc be it an old kpc9612 or a tnc-pi in kiss mode connected to make this all work correctly.
I have looked into this in the past quickly but just never sat down and gave it any serious thought or time.
More a tinkerer, breaker, fixer here.
James W8ISS

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