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Most of the distros come configured for UK English. The newer Raspbian system has a number of utilities in a startup menu that gets run on first boot. You can set the language and keyboard format then. It is callable once you have the system setup, but I am on Holiday this weekend throug tomorrow and don't have the reference handy. 

John D. Hays

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I am using a RF usb dongle for the keyboard and mouse.  The mouse works but the keyboard is problematic.  I replaced it with a hard wired keyboard and mouse and had no problems other than the default keyboard definitions were not good mappings for all my keys.  I tried several of the installed mappings and found only a couple really mapped well even though they claimed to support my keyboard makers.  I probably have the RPI powered by more than 5.0 volts and that may be why I am not seeing issues with USB.  Soon I will plug in my USB sound dongle and see what happens.


Alan – W6ARH




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The new members has been growing rapidly...

I try to check several times a day to approve if you know anyone who believes they have waited too long pop me an PM here...

I wanted to drop a hint and others are welcome to do same..

Todays Hint for anyone new to the RPi... Never plug anything into the USB portthat draws more then 100mA or any combination... Use a POWERED HUB instead.. You should also go here and check the Peripheral Compatability list...

Happy experimentation to everyone...

73 Jerry N9LYA

PS I am looking to use my 4Pi as Ham Radio tools. Like Nodes, possibly even some RF Networking linking... anything that can be imagined.. I would even consider owning a dozen or so of these if I could do some really cool things.. The RPi sounds like its only limitations will be the imagination..

Anyone needed a SD card Imaged for their Raspberry... I would be glad to do so just for return shipping charges... I use USPS Priority Mail. There is software available for anyone wishing to do so themselves.. Some is Linux Based another (the one I used is Windows Based. I did it and I did not know the first thing about it... That same info can befound on the Above websites download page.

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