Re: HDMI to VGA converter (with audio) - anyone have experience?

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These work well.  No sound but you can pull that off elsewhere.  Under a buck each.

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FWIW – I bought an HDMI to DVI converter from Mousser for $21 that works well at 1920x1080... but no sound. Mouser also lists a Tripplite HDMI to DVI (with sound) converter the google says is also sold by Walmart for $24. Tripplite MODEL NUMBER: P131-06N
-larry (K8UT)
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Most posts have covered, it but heres my 2c.
The more expensive HDMI - VGA converters have scalers built into them. You prob. won't need to go to that expense. The cheaper Chinese converters can be used as long as you keep the HDMI resolution below or close to the VGA monitors native resolution. ie. Its no good setting the HDMI output ( via config.txt ) to 1920 x 1080 if the monitors native resolution is 1024 x 768 as it won't show on screen.
As to their audio output, on the breakout ( 3.5mm ) for the HDMI embedded audio signal. If you are "interfacing" to a radio just use the onboard audio jack instead. Otherwise set " config.text " for audio over HDMI.

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Though they are quite expensive in terms of Pi dollars, I'm considering
trying to use a HDMI to VGA converter (an audio model). Does anyone have
experience with such a beast? Is VGA resolution decent?

Figured I'd ask folks that I trust the most.... HAMS!

Thanks and 73!

Matt - N0GIK - Bettendorf, IA

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