Re: Getting a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Quad Core 1GB RAM


Thanks for the observation on Linux users assuming a level of expertise in their replies to questions.
I have had a Pi sitting on the bench with accessories such as Wi-Fi and blue tooth but as I have had
a long recovery from a series of surgeries, assimilating the disparate pieces of knowledge and applying
them has been too hard.
I would love to get playing but my interest has been in radio/electronics and not specifically IT. I might
say I first used RTTY using a Vic 20 but have never felt comfortable with the programming side of things.
There would be many like me in the radio world in that we experiment by using and work back to the
deeper understanding of the underlying theory.
My eyes sparkled at the announcement of the Pi2 as it opens a new world but then came the realisation
that I hadn’t taken the first steps with an original Pi. Once the opportunity comes, I will invest in a Pi2 but I
hope that Linux documentation improves so that it is understandable by the novice. Little wonder there is
a surge in interest in the phantom that is Windows 10.
Please keep the discussions going as it is helping those of us who want to lose the confusion and simply
enjoy a Pi.
73 de Geoff

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