Re: Power loss SD card corruption prevention

Basil Gunn

You have been misinformed. You should be using a flash file system like

I'm not spreading misinformation. I'm relaying actual data based on a
system in my vehicle for over 2 years. I haven't lost any data & don't
have corrupted files. I am running my version of dantracker APRS

SD/MMC cards & USB thumb drives have controllers & will work with any
of the ext formats as will F2FS. If you google 'ext4 mmc/sd cards' you
will find lots of devices using ext4 for their root file system. They
usually recommend turning off journaling for speed reasons.

My point is if you are seeing file system corruption due to power off
before system shut down you should try turning journaling on for ext4.

I've been involved with building embedded systems for a number of
decades and have written flash file systems. Just saying, this isn't
coming from google-fu but actual experience.

/Basil n7nix

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