Re: 9600 Baud TNC for RPi?

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Standalone or made for the R Pi GPIO?  If not standalone will it work fine on the B+?  Thanks for doing this.  Can't wait to get a pair.

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Yes, I'm working on it. I have a couple of prototypes running and John Hanson, who will be making and selling it, has some on test. It still needs a bit of tweaking to the microcode to get it to work 100% on receive.

73, John G8BPQ


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Does anyone know if there is development in a 9600 Baud TNC for the RPi?


Of course there are 9600 Baud TNC's on the market (KPC-9612 or PK-96), but the size and cable management make the foot print bigger than needed.  Not to mention additional power requirements.


It would be nice to see a package similar to the TT4 or TNC-Pi.


--73 de Doug (N1OBU)

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