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You can also find information on adding a TNCPi for a radio port to DXSpider  running on a RPi at:
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You can use any TNC, but there is a version of the TNC-X designed to fit on the PI-  See


I believe most Linux clusters run DX Spider. There are instructions for installing it on the PI here..


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After a period of inactivity I have found that the old 2 meter dx cluster node no longer exists.  I don't have any internet at my house other than a cell phone.  I do have access to a site that has internet and I could set up a 2 meter rig there to let me and any other interested local dxers log on to the cluster the old fashioned way.  


That what I would like to accomplish.  I need pointers as to how to accomplish this.  So far I have used a Raspi to set up a Screenly video player in the lobby where I work and a basic raspbian install from Noobs.  That's it.

I am no stranger to linux, although not an expert.  I need to figure out what hardware I will need.  Do you guys still use TNC's like the old PK-88, etc? If so, does a simple RS-232 to USB adapter cable fill the bill? I have a Raspi model B (not B+).  Then there is the software end of things. What do I need for cluste r software and how do I implement it properly? 


I'm not looking for hand holding but could use some prods in the right direction.  





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