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Hi All,

My name is Eric, I'm KC7KLZ. I recently acquired a Raspberry PI. When I found out about it, I had been playing with an Arduino uno. I was doing simple things like flashing morse code on LED's and other things just to learn what it can do. Then a friend of mine from work showed me the Raspberry PI web site. Since then I was drooling over it. I put in the purchase request for it last March. It finally arrived at the end of July, and I was able to pick it up a few weeks ago. I've currently successfully placed an OS on an 8 gig SD card. I've got SSH working so I can remote in via my Mac or Ubuntu box, and I've got tightVNC working so I can run a remote desktop on it. (I can hook it up and run a GUI via my Ubuntu box.) Both of these took some time and effort.

My first project I'm looking into is to set up TCP/IP over the AX.25 protocol. I would like to see if I can get a small e-mail server, HTTP server, and a IRC chat server going. The goal would be to create a small form factor packet interface that I can plug into a router, and be a backbone to communicate with a similar setup via a packet link. You will not be able to send huge stuff, but simple text messages, e-mail messages, and small web stuff would be perfect for ECOM usage. The nice thing is the whole thing is DC and can be set up to run off of batteries.


Eric Scott

PS Even though I have an American Call sign, My current QTH is in Richmond BC. I'm working on getting my Canadian call sign.


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