Introduction, new member

Juan A. Bertolin

Hi to all,

First at all, thanks to Jerome for accepting my request to joing the group.

I was aware of the Raspberry Pi through a friend and now I am waiting to receive it. I think it will help me to achieve my project.

Due to personal location restrictions, I need to control remotely my ft817 (it will be located in another room of my house... I lost my ham radio room!), Automatic Tuner will be coming later on (I know that Elecraft T1 is managed by means an Arduino, I hope RPi will be able to make the role too).

I am using now a Ubuntu distribution in one of my laptops close to the ft817 and connected using hamlib (rigctld) and the audio with SJPhone for linux. On the other side, a MacOsx Mountain Lion with hamlib, fldigi and SjPhone too connected to Linux environment by LAN (wifi). The goal is being able to control and operation (just CW) of my ft817.

The second phase is replacing the Vaio with Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) distribution with a RPi. If it works, I will be able to move the whole station further away to a better position to make radio at lower cost as possible.

Thanks to your comments, I am preparing all the minimum stuff list to setup the RPi (I hope moving from UBuntu to RPi will not be a pain, once all the programs will be able to run -now there are some troubles yet-)

I hope, I will be able to share with you my experiences and results.

73s de Juan, EA5XQ

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