Re: Rapsberri and APRS Setup Question

Ray Wells

The following is in no way intended as criticism of the late Roger Barker, so don't bother misreading what I have written. Roger wrote some brilliant software and that it is still in use and sought after, ten years after his death, is testimony to its quality.

Roger Barker was quite pedantic about his software, taking exceptional care to ensure it worked extremely well. He also had his own ideas on how things should or shouldn't be done on air, even to the point of being a "Packet Policeman"* within his software. It took him quite a long time to bend and add Telnet to his Winpack packet terminal program, such was his belief that Telnet was not amateur radio. Even when he added Telnet he did so reluctantly.

Knowing what I do of Roger, from his own writings (go read the help documentation for Winpack and UIView), I suspect he wanted the source code for his software destroyed on his death to prevent it being massaged into something he would not have approved of. He was, and had every reason, to be proud of his software.

Ray vk2tv
One time user of both Packet and UIView

* In the hey day of Packet Radio there were individuals who went to great length to tell others how they should operate, even to the point, in some cases, of turning off equipment to thwart those who would not comply. Operators who conducted themselves in those ways were known as Packet Policemen.

On 26/04/14 21:53, John Guillory wrote:
Wow!  The only reason I can think of to order my code be destroyed when I die is if I was ashamed of it.  Otherwise, I'd want to either leave someone in charge of upgrades and collecting money, and specify that they keep a percent of the registration fees, the remainder be turned over to my wife.  That, or just release it all to source forge and make it free. 

John Guillory

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