Re: xastir autostart


On 27/04/14 23:48, Ray Wells wrote:
Being a shell script, you may need to have "#!/bin/bash" as the first
line, making the script ....

# wait 30 seconds
sleep 30
# now really start xastir
exec /bin/xastir

Ray vk2tv
And what happens then if he is running tsh or csh ;)

The shebang line is a good idea, and essential when the processing
application needs help. If it was a perl script for example then it
would be needed, without, the User's login shell should get used by
default (queryable from the environment).

On 28/04/14 05:12, g4sra wrote:

On 27/04/14 11:29, ramsatphones@... wrote:

The issue I have is that using the .config/autostart/xstir.desktop
method xastir starts before startx has finished. So xastir is running
but in the back ground.
That should not happen until after the desktop has loaded, I will have
to investigate that myself it may be a bug (that needs reporting).

How can I delay the start up of xastir until after startx has finished?
A very quick bodge to get you by for now...

Create '/usr/local/bin/' with the contents

# wait 30 seconds
sleep 30
# now really start xastir
exec /bin/xastir

and make it executable 'chmod u+x /usr/local/bin/'

and launch that from xastir.desktop instead


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