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Wow!  The only reason I can think of to order my code be destroyed when I die is if I was ashamed of it.  Otherwise, I'd want to either leave someone in charge of upgrades and collecting money, and specify that they keep a percent of the registration fees, the remainder be turned over to my wife.  That, or just release it all to source forge and make it free. 

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Hi Stephen

Well as someone else pointed out a little more harshly that I was prepared too...

- The guy who wrote UIview is dead
- He ordered the source code destroyed on his death
- Its windows only

And the map support doesn't exist for local grids.

In the very near future I am deploying a Pi in my car and the plan is to run YAAC on it. As YAAC is Java it is really platform independent.. .... so if your OS, be it OSX, Windows, Android IOS as long as it rung Java you are away laughing ....

No support for local grids yet but at least uses OSM which is a good start.

Currently only for windows is SARTrack which does close to everything you might want but windows only and GPS integration with GPX only .....

Hope that gives you some more ideas....


On 26/04/2014 00:09, stprovost@... wrote:

Max: I am interested about your comment listed below.

can you elaborate for us please?

Re: Rapsberri and APRS Setup Question

Thu Apr 24, 2014 5:41 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"max" max_wheatley

Prehaps you might like to look at something a bit newer that is still 
being developed......

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