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Ronny Julian <k4rjjradio@...>

Ray I see no difference when it is not working.  I'm not going to bother trying anymore to cobble the thing together when YAAC works better out of the box for me. Why does the community have an old repository version if that is not the latest and greatest?  Why is  compiling from source even needed if the group wants this to be a widely used program?  I don't see FLDigi having these issues?  I install XUbuntu
 on a friends machine and that is the first program I get for them.  Always works great from the start.

It is what works for me that counts with me.  You will not change my mind on that.


On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 4:37 AM, Ray Wells <vk2tv@...> wrote:

There's a big difference between "I can't get the program to work" and "the program is no good", I'm sure you'll agree.

To Ronny, and anybody else having difficulty with xastir .... ask for help! There are people on this list who use xastir and who may be able to help, but the best place for help, the place where both new and experienced users, and developers hang out is the xastir mailing list.

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Ray vk2tv

On 27/04/14 13:28, Ronny Julian wrote:
Well opinions vary.  I never could make the stupid thing work at all.  Shows how user friendly it is.  YAAC seems to work better overall and I've had no major issues.  
      Most hams do not want to compile from source and while I support the Linux systems much more than anything else there is a learning curve most will never climb.

On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 7:25 PM, Ray Wells <vk2tv@...> wrote:

Sir, your advice regarding xastir couldn't be any less accurate if you tried, and you have grossly mislead this group.

Xastir has support for more mapping formats than, arguably, any other aprs program. Note! Mapping formats. Whether maps for those formats are available in any particular country is a matter for that country to sort out, not the xastir developers, but I doubt the vast majority of users would want anything outside the formats that are natively handled by xastir, regardless of where in the world they live. America as a country seems to produce a greater variety of free mapping than most anywhere else, it would seem, but it's hardly fair, and totally incorrect,  to say that xastir is "American-centric with poor mapping options outside the USA." 

My preference is for raster maps, usually topographic, in jpg, png or tif formats and many of the maps I use are those I used with UIView about 100 years ago. I simply used the inf2geo tool that ships with xastir to convert the UIView .inf description file to a .geo description file. Nothing else needs to be done. If you can use a particular map in UIView you can use it in xastir.  I've scanned paper topographic maps to jpg format and manually created a geo reference file from coordinates on the map, I've downloaded maps from the Internet and used the same procedure; used shapefiles (which I don't like) and I've used (use) online free mapping. All the foregoing is natively handled by xastir in a standard release.

As for updates, xastir is under constant development and issues are promptly fixed with CVS releases. Most users of an application would see a lack of updates as a sign of stability and maturity, and that is certainly the case with xastir.  If it isn't broken, don't fix it. Members of the development team subscribe to the xastir mailing list and readily offer help and advice to users in strife and, if a bug should arise it is dealt with very quickly.

I'm not American, I have no connection with the xastir development team (except I've called for advise occasionally in years gone by), but I am a long term user of xastir (since release 1.04, about 12 or so years ago when I ran it on a 166MHz Pentium under vanilla Debian). I compiled and run it on my desktop computer (Linux Mint), compiled and run it under Linux Mint Debian Edition on my laptop,  and I have compiled and used it on the RPi. I no longer use it on the RPi for the aprs gateway (because I run it headless as command line only) but I will always use it for non-gateway aprs because I believe it's the best available.

Ray vk2tv

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