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Basil Gunn

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On 21/04/14 09:13, ramsatphones@... wrote:

What i am trying to achieve is that if the power goes out then comes
back on everything starts back up automatically. The only way you can
achieve that is to avoid file system corruption.
Either have the Pi shut down properly - buy an UPS, there is one
pecifically available for the PI but it may not be compatible with
other expansion boards.
Or have your SD Card file system mounted read-only with temporary
working storage in RAM (all my Pi's work this way, it increases SD Card
life considerably).
This is just a data point for what works for me, ymmv.

I run a UDR cpu card (similar to Pi) in my truck which gets its
power from a cigarette lighter, that is, the cpu card gets rudely shut
down on a regular basis. I have been running it like this for over a
year with no problems. This is a Debian Linux system that runs a
version of dantracker.

Below is the partition format line from my script that builds the root file
system on the flash part.
$flashdevice_part2 is a variable for the partition the udr56k uses, ie. /dev/sdb2

mkfs.ext4 -E stride=2,stripe-width=512 -b 4096 -L NWDR_Root_FS "$flashdevice_part2"

The point to note is the above line uses ext4 with journaling turned on.

Another point is that you need to use a "decent" flash part. Not some
flash knock-off that works in your camera so might work. The term
"decent" invokes about a 10 page discussion. I have NEVER had an SD
card fail due to excessive write cycles in the last 3 years for the
UDR boards.

/Basil n7nix

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