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Considering who compiles that data you are probably right.  Other than mapping how do you linke it?  I think he is on the right track.

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Whilst I agree that YAAC is multi-platform and does some things quite well, again I find the mapping isn't so hot. Downloading the tiles then importing/converting takes a deal of processing time -- and then in my case the land/sea boundary is not shown at all with the defaults of the program. Living by the seaside means the maps I see are somewhat weird! 

I can send you a screen-shot if you like -- there is no boundary to the country just rivers appearing out of nowhere! The official pre-complied tiles don't seem to show anything when I try and download them, the whole planet set just wouldn't download, so this is with gz tiles from the extracts at - Europe/Great Britain.  

Of course, your part of the world might be better served!

Andy, G8TQH

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I plan to use this soon on the Pi.  Xastir does not run well no matter how I've tried it.    It runs well on Windows and Linux as well.  Built in open source map support that works fine for me.


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Stephen et al,

Just to add that as well as SARTrack for Windows, there is AGWTracker which is still under development. That one includes a range of mapping options and is very versatile but, as said, also Windows and Windows-CE only.

For Unix there's Xastir but that is very American-centric with poor mapping options outside the USA. Inside the USA you've lots of choice for map sources but of the 125-odd formats claimed hardly any seem to be accurate for Europe so it depends where you're interested in. However, I don't seem to have seen any updates in the last year so I couldn't swear it can be classed as "still being developed". BUT it is native for the Pi.

I hope this helps.

Andy, G8TQH

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