Re: Autostart Xastir on boot

Ray Wells

xastir won't start if ~/.xastir/ exists.

If xastir is not shut down correctly is not deleted hence, xastir won't restart.
Modify the script to delete

On 26/04/14 01:52, pmooney22@... wrote:
Try using a script:

sudo nano

## script to autostart xastir
#echo "starting Xastir"
#sudo /path/to/Xastir &

Script modified to kill

cd ~/.xastir
[[ -f "" ]] && rm ""
# script to autostart xastir
echo "starting Xastir"
sudo /path/to/Xastir &

Ray vk2tv

save , then make executable 

sudo chmod +x

To test type: ./

Then: sudo nano /etc/rc.local

add:  /path/to/ 

Then reboot.

Or if using Arch Linux:

sudo systemctl enable xastir.service


Paul, 5B8BA

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