Re: I need a book.....



If you Google 'How does the Linux kernel work' there are may good general articles you will find.  One on the IBM developerWorks site is pretty good. 

Information on the boot process and sequence can be found if you Google 'How does the Linux kernel boot'. 

Articles specific to the Raspberry Pi if you change the Google query to 'How does the Linux kernel work on a Raspberry Pi'.  You will find may articles on the various OSes for the RPi. 

There are also many good articles in the MagPi,

73, Bill

On 02/15/2014 05:54 AM, Stephen Farthing wrote:

That I can learn about the technical side of the Pi linux distro from. Things i would like to learn about are the boot process, the kernel, directory structure and fault finding. What I dont need is info on how to use the desktop apps. 

TIA Steve

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