Re: PI on packet radio - need script help



PuTTY is available for the RPi. 
sudo apt-get install putty

73, Bill

On 11/17/2012 05:55 AM, kc2eq wrote:

I have my PI running on packet radio just fine thru an external rs232/UART PCB.
I am using MiniCom and have to type a string of variables when I start the program.
I would like to generate a script file (?) where I could issue a single keyword like "Packet" and have it start MiniCom with its variables . I have a basic understanding of IDLE and Python but I need a raw beginners (exact Syntax) to make a script file to work. I don't care if the final product that has to be used in xterm or from the GUI.
The string I am trying in to get into an executable is:

MiniCom -b 1200 -o -D /dev/ttyAMA0

I have tried to find a GUI based terminal program that allows one to enter set up data after starting but no success there. (Putty, cutecom , microcom)

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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