Progress? (Long)


Hi All!
Just a few lines to tell you what I'm up to.

Having mixed results with my Raspberry Pi.
A colleague helped me to load my OS insto a 4Gb SD-HC card. I was having problems because the card slot in my laptop was only good for SD, not SD-HC. Once we'd sorted that out and used an external card reader/writer the OS went in OK.
Andrew then told me that we should connect it to the Internet before powering it for the first time. So, with everything connected (composite video monitor to the phono socket) we fired it up and it worked! Andrew went through the initial set-up, downloaded any available updates and made it go to the desktop every time it's switched on. So far, so good!
Back at home I tried using it with the HDMI input on our oldish LCD TV. It isn't Full HD and the text at start-up is incredibly small and hard to read. When the desktop appears the icons are small, too. Connecting the same TV via the phono socket the text and icons are a reasonable size, but the bottom of the picture is lost ("off the screen"). This makes playing some of the Python games impossible. I was able to browse the web, though. I've also downloaded Geany, Python and Xterm following the instructions on a YouTube tutorial.
Yesterday (Andrew on holiday) I decided to load the OS into an 8Gb card I had spare. That went OK. Last night I went through the same set-up procedure but didn't want it to go automatically to the desktop. I downloaded Geany, Python and Xterm again (so the Internet connection is working). After doing this I found it was asking for a password, and I hadn't set one. Now I'm locked out of it and I think I'll have to reload the OS.
Going back to the previous card, I find I can't access the Internet with it (not found). Grrrr....
I've ordered an HDMI to VGA converter which I hope will give me a good, complete picture on my PC's monitor. It cost more than the Pi so it had better work! I've also ordered ten 26-way IDC sockets, five 26-way box headers and 100 feet of 26-way ribbon cable so when I know what I'm doing I'll be able to try interfacing the Pi to something - 100 feet away. No, I'll make a batch of leads for myself and others to play with.
I'll let you know when I make any more "progress".
John G4EDX
Nottingham, England

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