Re: GUI Programming


Look into node.js --   It allows realtime, non-blocking, UI using JavaScript on the server and client.  Spend a few hours exploring examples on the Internet.

HTML 5 and jQuery will provide sliders, etc.

Watch for my talk on Web based radio interfaces once Gary has time to edit the DCC conference at

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I have successfully setup WiFi for each of my 3 Pies using different methods and remote RS232 from an old TNC & radio located upstairs to my station desktop down stairs and can control command line python programs to remote control motors but I am at a cross roads to develop on-screen buttons and sliders for motor control especially since I will access the Pi web server.  I am a bit confused about using Java as I don't know who to find the libraries with buttons and sliders.  Sure would help to know a computer science student, they have access to so many development tools. 

Anyway, the Pi is so flexible, its impossible not to dream up ideas.   Billacj

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