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Another option is to donate the Raspberry Pis to a local school.

John D. Hays
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I will make an offer via private email. You maight of let us know where you are located. As outside of the USA would cause some shipping expense-custom duties.

Larry W8LM

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Hi All
Well after 9 months of  trying to learn Linux I,m now completely over it and no long wish to spend months trying to do something that I can do minutes in windows.
I purchased my first Raspberry PI in October last year and began to seriously try and learn Linux in December 2012. I stupidly thought that I could use these little units
for ham radio projects and my intension was to run Fbb on them.
I also purchased 2 TNC Pi's for the purpose but could never figure out how to configure them in Linux
However all of the text  I read to attach kiss ports and find out what is working in the PI's  was really just words on the page and I could not comprehend much of it.

As I have found out the hard way,  that if you don't know Linux then no matter what you try and do,  in the end you are screwed.

The closest I managed to get working was Berards F6BVP image but could never get the hang of attaching kiss ports, spending the last 2 months trying to get a usb to serial adaptor
to work was in the end the straw the has broken the camels back

So I am getting rid of the lot,  make an offer?

5  X  Raspbery PI's  complete working and all in cases 4 X pink and 1 X clear
5  X  8 gig class 10  SD cards with images mostly FBB
2  X  TNC PI's  built and working but unable to get to work on the Raspberry PIs
1  X Dummies Guide to the Raspberry PI
Countless reams of printed material only if you want it?

So make an offer for the lot  and don't ask me to split it up



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