Re: usb to serial adaptors or tnc-pi which is easier to install for the pi

Dennis Nelson

The key file to change is in the bpq.conf file, which should be in the directory you created for linbpq/pilinbpq. Simply change the port to point to the /dev/USB0 instead of /dev/tty0. John did a pretty job in the docs for the Raspberry PI and linbpq. If you can, send your .conf files to me and i'll correct them for you. Dennis. KB9RRX.

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I have several different USB to serial devices, from el cheapo to the ftdi, and they all work on my pi.
Check with the command : dmesg | grep tty what the exact name of the USB device is.
For instance the pl2303 turns up as /dev/ttyUSB0. The latter being a zero
Hope it helps

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> greetings all
> having spent the best part of last weekend trying to get a couple of usb to serial adaptors to work with fbb on the pi i have given up.
> Can anyone tell me exactly what folders i have to edit in order for fbb to be able to see the adaptors, their address is ttyusb0.
> i want to use one for each pi
> With winfbb all of the files and folders are in one director and it is a hell of a lot easier to get working than the Linux version now i am able to compare the two.
> However it would appear that the Linux installation is quite messy and scatters files and folders right through the disk making a very difficult job even more difficult for a beginner like myself.
> So my question is what folders and files do i replace the ttyAMA0 serial port with ttyusb0 so that i might get fbb to see a tnc.
> There is a lot of info on the web about this but it is not pertaining to fbb and to be honest it might as well be in another language as i understand none of it.
> So if anyone has any experience with these and fbb i am happy to paint by numbers as i really dont know what i am doing.
> I also have 2 tnc-pis built and had the in tension to use those but have dropped that idea as it is far too difficult to even begin to attempt that at this time.
> However if installing the tnc-pis is in the opinion of the list easier than the usb adapters i might try this but once again it will be a "paint by numbers" exercise.
> thanks in advance kerry vk4tub

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