Introduction plus D-STAR


Hi.  I'm John Hays and hold station license K7VE.

I've been porting some D-STAR related software to the Raspberry Pi with good results.   I have a couple of sample Debian install packages at NW7DR   -- source and project information can be found at Berlios  -- G4KLX just moved the project(s) into this repository and we are modifying the makefile system to support more architectures and packaging systems (RPM and DEB).  Native builds of ARM are possible with the basic makefile, but I've also been doing cross compilation from Debian 64bit which gives a much faster turn around.

I have used the Pi on a half duplex network gateway for D-STAR for a couple of months and it works well, though may have some floating point issues under Raspbian, I just haven't been able to dig into it yet.  I plan to put NW7DR repeater's gateway and controller on the Pi soon (at which time I'll probably rehost the packages elsewhere).

Besides the ultimate coolness of the Pi, I am also working on another ARM based board for this code and the armel builds run on both.  The other board is part of the forthcoming UDR56K platform radio (Disclosure: I am involved with the company behind the UDR56K).

Interested in other projects using the Pi.

I occasionally put related information on my blog. 

73 de K7VE

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