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The first link is dead

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Good work, John. Keep us posted

andy G0SFJ

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> Hi,
> For those new to the group, I have been working on a TNC for use with the pI
> that is the same size as the pi and plugs into the expansion header. The
> prototype was a TNC-X, with a 26 way header superglued to board. There is a
> photo of it on the home page of this group.
> I now have two TNC's running, and can connect between them. See photo at
> This show the prototype -
> the production boards will have a DB9 instead of the Mini-DIN radio
> connector. A batch of production boards has been ordered, and should be here
> in 2-3 weeks.
> I've also built a couple of units using the RMF22B 100 mW 434 Mhz tranceiver
> model. They both transmit - I now need to get the receive side working.
> There is a photo at
> I looked at the higher powered (500 mw) RMF12BP, and ordered a couple for
> experiments. But when I looked into the module in more detail I found it was
> not compatible with the RFM22B, and is less flexible and more difficult to
> program. I've since found the RFM23BP, which is a 1 watt unit that is
> compatible with the RFM22B, so I've ordered a couple of them for testing,
> and designed a board that will take either the 22B or the 23BP. Although it
> is primarily indended for use with the PI, it will also have an async port,
> so it can be used as a standalone KISS TNC/Radio.
> 73, John G8BPQ

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