Raspberry with Ircddbgateway

pe1bzf_william_the_netherlands <wvsutphen@...>

Hi all,

I setting up my raspberry debian with ircddb (also known as Jonathan software)following the instructions from Hans-J. Barthen, DL5DI (see files section).
Because the raspberry must work standalone with no monitor attached, i setup the system remote with an ssh terminal session.

I found the following (strange) issues.

1. after installing ircddbgateway plus repeater SW and config the software using ircddbgw_conf, the gateway seemst to work. I can hear myself (roger beep) and simplex connections.
2. i cannot connect to a DCS server (probaly not configured right, needs extra investigation)
3. after reboot, i lost my ethernet connection. there is no IP address anymore. Not given by the DHCP server also (checked)
so i cannot open a SSH terminal session to check what is wrong.

The only way to bring live into the raspberry, is by reimage the SD card en start allover again.
Ofcourse, i can connect and reconfigure Jonathan softare again with the same previous results.

It seems to be a circle excercise.

Who can help me with this issue ?
for me, the most important and fustrating issue is losing my IP connection.


William, PE1BZF

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