Re: Setting up a Packet BBS on Raspberry-Pi


Thank you for checking this John...


Did you try running the resulting executable? Nothing has to be
configured and it will create some junk folders in /root. The reason
to do this is that the problem with compiling JNOS on some of the
embedded (ARM?) Linux distributions - like Unslung on the NSLU2 - is
that JNOS uses the setcontext/getcontext scheme and that wasn't

I could compile JNOS on the native NSLU2 environment but it wouldn't run...

I'm moving my NSLU2's (and pogoplug) to Debian in hope of getting
around this issue...

Bill - WA7NWP

2012/9/18 John D. Hays <>

JNOS2 compiles.
Thank you John. It compiles on the Raspbian with default libraries?

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