Re: PI TNC - progress report.

John G8BPQ

I wasn't really thinking of direct user access. More a well sited dual (or more) port node, with normal user acess port(s), and a link back to a base site, using directional antennas if necessary I'd expect a range of several miles - I've seen reports of these things being used in high altitude baloons, implying a line of sight range of several miles.with wire antennas.
73, John

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Just curious, but how could such low-power transceivers be of any practical use for packet? Wouldn't the RF footprint be so limited that hardly anyone in the neighborhood would be able to use it? Am I missing something here... or is the plan to use an amplifier for wider coverage?


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> > These are tiny 100 mW 434MHz data tranceivers - see
> > I plan to do
> > a version of the TNC using this module.
> How about the RFM12BP for a bit more punch?

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