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Good move. 

John D. Hays

On Sep 20, 2012, at 2:49, "Jerome K" <JKutche@...> wrote:


This site membership sure has taken off. It is surely good to see so many Ham Interested in using their Pi for Ham Radio..

I am most interested in being a Responsible Group Owner!!!!

I have turned on Moderation for all member posts. No offense to anyone. I just want better control over these types of unintentional and all intentional spammer posts.. I get notficiations on my CellPhone, I can quickly reply too.. So there should not be a long delay between your writing a post and it apearing here.. Unless its while I am sleeping... Thus my request below for moderators..

Many Thanks..

I am open to sugestions that others may have tried.. :)
I know other groups have went dead due to spam and I just want to nip it before it can gain control of our group. I know being hacked can happen to anyone!! It has happened to me before.!!!

Would like to get a volunteer moderator or two on board.. if any one is interested...

73 Jerry N9LYA

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