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On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 3:21 AM, Kerry McKenzie <kermck@...> wrote:

Greetings all
this may be slightly off topic however I decided to leave fbb alone for
a bit and try something designed for the pi. A friend of mine has a nice
little cloud server running and I decided since i can get nothing
working on linux i would have a go at that as it seemed simple enough
and is already compiled ready for the pi
So with a fresh install i tried from the command prompt sudo get-install
owncloud and off it went
So far so good and it all appeared with my very limited knowledge of
linux to be installing ok.
finally it stopped and from reading the docks i had to configure it via
a web problem
So I fired up one of the browsers from within the pi and typed in the ip
And up it came to say that yes it beauty so far first
thing in 2 months that i have actually
got to the point where it is telling me that something i have done has
actually worked.
Ok reboot and go back into the browser and begin the configuration.
made a admin account ...all ok next it asked for an sql loggin

Ok this is where it all goes pear shaped as i don't have one,.. nor have
i set one up so how can i log into something
that to my knowledge does not exist.
I have reinstalled this for most of the afternoon and cannot get past
this point and can get no help from the docs or at least cannot find any
help on installing sql onto the PI.

If anyone has installed this software onto the pi and has it working i
would like very much to find out how i go about setting up sql on the pi?

As this owncloud software would be very usefull to me and other ham friends.

And it would be nice to be able to say that in two months I have finally
got something to work single handed with this PI
as my track record is totally abysmal.

Kind Regards
Kerry McKenzie

PO Box 4492
Kirwan QLD 4817

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