Re: Linux is not Windows


Come on guys -- this hasn't turned into a Linux vs Windows war.   

The Pi runs Linux, you can't talk about applications on the Pi without talking about Linux.  Any discussion about OS, should focus on the OS that the Pi runs, not any other Operating System. If a particular application runs on one version of Linux better than another, that's information people might need. (You will find a couple of different Linux camps as well and we don't need those wars either.)

We've heard enough of the "don't make this Linux vs. Windows" meme -- when that hasn't been the case in the first place.  However, sometimes you have to refer to how you do things in one OS to show its equivalent in the other. 

If that's more than one can handle, then its probably best to stay off the Internet.

Good moderation by the list owner should take care of any extremes.  The key is moderation.

John D. Hays
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On Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 11:50 AM, gd6icr <gd6icr@...> wrote:

Ouch Please Gentlemen this discussion can be met at another website - lets just keep this for RPi and Amateur radio.


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