Re: Remote Site SSTV

mathison ott

Sounds like you need a command line based sstv image sender, so it can all be setup as a cron job.  If your repeater controller has an extra input with vox you can script the play preceded by a voice message the image audio files will follow. 

The pcsi is all gui, and doesn't have a command line interface, which makes it impossible to script. 

My first thought would be a microwave link. If that's not possible. FFmpeg will allow you to script, get imagery and resize it. You can pull images from a ip camera still image link or the rtsp mpeg/ h264 stream. Reach out if you use ffmpeg. Ive have a script that grabs stills from the local arden network to display them on a web page, followed by a timelapse mp4 that's rendered throughout the day. 

You might consider an nvr for the site. Then grab stills from it periodically to transmit via sstv. 

73 Mathison KJ6DZB

On Sat, Dec 11, 2021, 8:00 PM WB2OSZ <wb2osz@...> wrote:

Here is an application that sends images over AX.25:  Packet Compressed Sensing Imaging (PCSI)

If part of the transmission gets lost there is just an overall degradation in image quality, not a missing piece.

The direwolf software TNC has a builtin DTMF decoder which sends a specially encoded packet to all connected applications.

You would need a script to look for that message, tell the camera to capture an image, then command PSCI to transmit it.

PSCI sends packets to direwolf which sends them over the radio.

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