Re: Pi 400 and RF

Bill Cromwell


Just for my own curiosity is the offending radio in a plastic box or in a grounded metal box?


Bill KU8H

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On 11/27/21 12:51 PM, Michael WA7SKG wrote:
Is anybody experiencing RF problems with the Raspberry Pi 400? I was recently gifted a Pi400 and loaded the HamPi distribution. I don't have RF problems with anything else in the shack, but when I transmit (so far only on 20 and 40 meters) the Pi400 goes nuts. Stuff jumps around on the screen, programs open and close and all matter of strange behavior. It's like there are multiple mouses screaming around randomly clicking on things. Nothing is connected to it, just the Pi400 with its stock mouse and power supply hooked to a generic monitor. It was on a small table several feet from the radio. There are four other computers in the shack and a variety of other things that are not affected at all.

Thought appreciated.

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