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Amen -- I think almost every response has been informational, rather than confrontational.

Frustration for some, yes, but not much in the way of bashing (except the comment against venerable old 'vi' -- btw, I had a similar reaction 30 years ago, but learned vi as it was the common denominator, and I still find myself using modal commands, e.g. /foo to find the character pattern 'foo', in other programs -- doh!)

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On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 9:46 AM, MattB <mbrauer@...> wrote:

It's hard to see how anyone who's read the threads would think that this was the case. Still, you can often find conflict if you're looking for it.

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> I hope this is not a Linux vs windows battleground, if so I am out of here.
> I care about ham radio, not that kind of religious fanboy fight :(
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