RPi-zero 2 W heat issues


I have had a Raspberry Pi-zero W for a while for portable digital ops...nice and compact and runs forever with low battery drain, but it is a bit slow. FT8 doesn't get decoded before the next cycle most of the time, making for repeats, and Fldigi just won't run. So, when the zero 2 W came out, I was eager to swap it in the same little case. It is fantastic, FT8 decodes right away and Fldigi loads and runs well...except for one thing. Running only Fldigi and Conky to monitor the processor the heat steadily rises relatively quickly until somewhere past 134F it shuts the thing off. Adding a heatsink helps, but the rise is inevitable and happens within 20 minutes or so, depending on ambient temperature, even with the Pi out of the case.

I could add a small fan, but now I am defeating the size and power use benefit. Note that this problem seems to be only with Fldigi, not any of the other programs like WSJT-X or LinPSK that run cool and work well. So my question is whether there is something I could do like underclocking to control temps when running this program? Any other ideas?


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