Xiegu G90 + PAT Setup + Rig Control #pi #tnc #pat #flrig


Hi Everyone,

I have been trying to get PAT Menu setup with my HAM Pi image on RPi-4 which is hooked up to a Xiegu G90. I have watched these series by KM4ACK to get everything going. Here is the part 3 of it, which talks about Rig Control:


Unfortunately i not able to get rigcontrol to work properly with flrig. I have made sure i entered everything correctly especially in the .json config file  found here: ~/.wl2k/config.json

I also double checked my settings with the url here.

I also made sure i for the right model(According to Xiegu and many other websites, this model G90 works well when Icom IC-7100 is selected @ 19200 Baud). And this trick of using IC-7100 works no problem with wsjtx and other related software. This model comes out to '3070' when the output rigctl -l is printed to the terminal.  The following is the command i use to start the daemon.

rigctld -m 3070 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 19200

The PTT doesn't work and i dont see any interaction by Pat to flrig when i hit Conect.

So the question i have is, should i try a different model number with rigcontrol?  Has anyone had luck trying to get  rigcontrol with flrig and using pat? I checked hamlibs supported radios page, there is still no official support for the Xiegu G90.

The latest version of flrig does seem to have the Xiegu G90 added in its list of Transceivers, but i wonder if its worth the update if in the end rigctl is not going to support it.  Attached(below) are the relevant screenshots.

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