Re: Simple Remote Radio

David Ranch

Hello Michael,

A solution on both client and server is actually more complex than you might think but fortunately, there are several options available for analog FM "RoIP" (Radio over IP) setups:

   - Allstar
      - Server:
      - Client: Any SIP app or the DVSwitch app (

   - Echolink
      - Server:
      - Client:

There are other solutions here like IRLP, etc. but they are intended either for repeater to repeater linking or solutions that don't offer a compatible client that offers a simple client solution.

Btw, full time streaming for one client on a Rpi Zero might be manageable but not multiple users.  I would highly recommend to use a faster RPi to give you some performance and RAM headroom. 


On 11/09/2021 08:47 AM, Michael WA7SKG wrote:
I have a need for a simple remote radio. All I need is two-way audio and PTT. No channel control or anything needed. Ideally, something via a web browser as a few of the users have limited computer skills. The user would need to be able to monitor the radio for several hours at a time. This would be used with both FM and HF radios, so the stream to the user may have noise floor audio all the time.

My thought was to use something like a Pi Zero for the purpose, the stream would have to be full duplex and use some I/O pins for the PTT.

The remote user would open a web page in a small window with a clickable on/off PTT button (on a timer for safety) and hot key option. That should allow use with a smartphone or computer.

This is a minimal budget project (aren't they all?) I don't need anything fancy like a RigPi.

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

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