Larry Macionski

Dave R and Don W6CZ...

I was told by QRP-labs Hans in an email that it will do RTTY when he emailed me about that.

I am wondering about the QCX variant out of China for $130 on Ebay.... The FREE SHIPPING is $12 and "Lifetime Guarantee" have caused me pause.

Maybe the guarantee is against breaking in half..Like the Kansas Guarantee " if it breaks in half, you get to keep both pieces".
Some Specifications can't be believed:
- Three independent switchable analog front-end receiver attenuators (0dB, -13dB, -20dB, -33dB, -53dB, -60dB, -73dB) - READ IT AGAIN!!!
USDR SDR Transceiver All Mode 8 Band HF Ham Radio QRP CW Transceiver 80M/60M/40M/30M/20M/17M/15M/10M Description:
uSDR is optimized and modified based on the open source work uSDX/QCX-SSB.

or $115 here..

So who knows- I won't be the 1st in my club to own one, but I am it's only member right now..

Larry W8LM

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