Re: Before I go reinventing someone elses wheel....

Basil Gunn


I've done something similar with detecting when my well pump comes on.
The email part was pretty straight forward because Linux has a number of
command line email clients.

I used:
mutt - email client
postfix - email server
paclink-unix - winlink support

For the AC detection circuit I used a Linrose B2150A3 Amber Neon Pilot light as
an Opto-isolated AC Voltage Sensor. Some links below for reference:

* [[ | How to detect AC voltage (not measuring)]]
* [[ | Opto-Isolated AC Voltage Sensor]] - Daniel Porrey
* [[ | Linrose B2150A3 Amber 105-125VAC Neon Pilot Light]]

I would run the RPi from 12 Volts using some buck regulator.

/Basil n7nix

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