Re: I have a new to me Raspberry Pi board

vince kd7tww


Free, did it for me. Thanks loads! Case closed

On 10/29/21 12:46 PM, David Ranch via wrote:

A few recommendations to run from the command line:

      - This will show the amount of RAM populated, used (for programs and cache)

   cat /proc/cpuinfo
      - This will list the type and number of CPU cores

   bash <(wget -q -O - "")
      - This will download a script I put together to show lots of additional details specific to the Raspberry Pi

For different Rpi pictures, showing the differences, use a Internet search of "pictures of all raspberry pi models" will bring up many examples


On 10/29/2021 11:20 AM, vince kd7tww wrote:
Hello Group

I have a new to me Pi board. How do I check the specs of a RPi Board on the command line. I.E. Cpu, mem?

On top of the RPi board it just notes it's a Raspberry Pi 4B but does not say the amount of memory? Also, is there a pictorial (picture of different RPi's) displaying the different versions (Component layouts)?  TIA

73, de Vince KD7TWW
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