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Run gparted and reformat the thumb drive FAT32 before you re-use it. gparted will also rename it.

If you want to take a copy of your Pi herd drive you will need another drive at least as big. Back it up with 'dd if-[existing drive] of=[new drive]'

On 21/10/2021 10:05 John <> wrote:

I would like to generate a backup for my Raspberry Pi-4b prior to upgrading HamPi. My setup uses a hard drive.

I have a 32 GB flash drive now. I used it to try to transfer a backup with an error and it would give an error and limit the file to 4 GB. That file was deleted.

First, I want to change the name of the thumb drive directly. When I try to do that I find I get an error and it doesn't change the name.

Second, can I delete the extra files that where already on the thumb drive (when purchased, I think).

Attached is a screen grab of what happened and what the directory permissions are.

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