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The Pi9K6 runs 1200 just fine.  OP never said he was trying to run 9600.  His issue is it isn’t reliably keying his HT.



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9600 baud requires discriminator audio as it is frequency shift keying and not audio frequency shift keying like 1200 baud packet. Unless you hack in to the HT to tap discriminator audio for the 9600 baud things won’t work.


Brian N2KGC


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9K6 is unlikely to work with mic/ls connections on your radio. Radio's audio bandwidth isn't good enough.


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I just got my TNC and trying to hook up my Yaesu FT-50 handheld. This is the diagram I have followed, Mic to Pin1 of DB9, Pin3 for PTT and Pin5 for Spkr, GND to Pin6.
When I try to poll another site, the radio will transmit sometimes and sometimes not. Volume on radio is set about 1/4 of full volume. During the transmit phase of the TNC the Red LED lights, but does not key the radio.  Does any one have any suggestions??

Steve K7SWF


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