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Siegfried Jackstien

Normally you can find the wifiantenna at the board edge... On ALL wifi things i have it a router or a wifidongle.. the antenna was on the pcb edge or corner...
Should be easy to find
I have an antenna analyzer (sark100/mini60) where i added a wifi dongle to measure wireless direct at the antenna
Similar problem.. A metal case.. So i cut the wifi antenna and soldered a short coax to sma pigtail to it and added an external antenna. 
Works superb.. And cause its only for shortwave the wifi does not influence test results of the analyzer
Happy modding :-) 
Dg9bfc sigi 

Am 15.03.2021 14:41 schrieb Jay Lijoi <lijoi@...>:


Thanks, that is what I was thinking, attach a pigtail to the built in wifi antenna, but I can't seem to find any documentation on which trace would belong the built in antenna. I have seen some mods on youtube that install an SMA to the board, but that seems to be overkill for my needs. My thought is that just a short single wire pigtail soldered to the appropriate place would do the trick. I'll have to keep looking, maybe I can find a schematic and board layout. If I find the sweet spot I'll let you know.

Thank you again.

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