FS: Rpi kit and loaded Rpi

Ronny Julian <k4rjjradio@...>

I have decided this is not for me.  Selling/trading  the whole setup.

Raspberry Pi computer 512Mb B board
Clear case
2 amp PS from MCM

Raspberry Pi TNC-X kit  Unbuilt

13 (yep 13) port USB powered hub

USB Bluetooth dongle
USB sound card adapter
USB WiFi adaptor.  Small type that has removable antenna SMA type
HDMI to VGA converter cable 15 pin D-Sub type for PC monitor
No SD card included.
All in one box shipped CONUS only for $80 Paypal

I will not separate items but I will consider even trades (u ship I ship) for other Amateur radio gear.

Email DIRECT to k4rjjradio@... for Paypal instructions and/or offers.  I may be slow to respond on Sunday but I will get back to you.



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